Welcome to Scented Candles Shop, where we share our pleasure in one of life’s lovely little luxuries – scented candles.  A simple pleasure that helps us enjoy our homes, and our time, and our lives.

If you’re looking to be romantic, rather than looking for romance, scented candles are for you.  They create the intimate, sensuous atmosphere that’s perfect for couples.

If you love your home, and want to make it lovelier, scented candles are for you.  They add warmth and sensuality to any room.

If you balance solitude and peace with noise and excitement then scented candles are for you.

If you value stillness and solitude, as well as business and bustle, then scented candles are for you.

If you are happy in your own company, and in your own skin, then scented candles are for you.

We’re going to tell you all about our favourite scented candles, and keep you up to date with what’s new and interesting for candle lovers everywhere.

Candles go from strength to strength

While many retail sectors are still feeling the pain of the long, slow recovery from recession, the sale of scented candles is going from strength to strength, especially on-line.  At first this may seem strange – the web can communicate via pictures and words, but not via scent.  Plus, scented candles are a luxury, not a necessity, so not something we’d expect people on tight budgets to buy.

Perhaps the secret is that buyers find a brand they trust, from “bricks and mortar” shopping, then buy that brand online.  One of our favourite ranges is from Stoneglow Scented Candles, who are based in the UK, and make all their candles in their own place near London.  Old-fashioned family favourite House of Frazer also sell candles online.

Who loves candles ?

Who loves candles ? A 2013 survey revealed the answers :

  • Women : they spend 50% more than men on scented candles
  • The young : they spend more on candles, and less on air freshener, than their older neighbours
  • The Scots : they spend more on candles  per head than any other part of the UK.